4 min readHow News API Can Help In Fight Against Fake News Circulation

In today’s era, where everyone is living in fast-paced world. Social media has become center of gaining information everyone consumes information from social media rather than from actual news sources. This has led to the spread of fake information and misleading the general public. In the past lot of chaos and violence have been done because of the circulation of fake news and information.

The government has also appealed not to rely on information that is being circulated through social media such as WhatsApp, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. So the question arises How can we find the authenticity and reliable sources of information in this modern era where people barely touch the Newspapers?

In that scenario, News API plays an important role in many ways.

Role of News API

The news API is known to extract information from reliable and trusted sources. On the other hand, the news on social media is created by anti-social elements who want to spread hate and it can easily be spread on social media because there is no such regulation.

News API extracts from trustful and reliable sources and those sources operate on regulations so the chances spread of any fake news or misinformation is almost zero. Even news app aggregators can use news API to fetch news data to publish the news on their applications. 

Furthermore, News APIs can be integrated with modern technology such as machine learning and artificial intelligence. These tools may recognize trends in news material, efficiently identifying possible sources of misinformation. The automated tools can detect common features of false news, such as sensationalism, factual errors, and contradictions, enhancing the verification process even more.

Enhancing News Literacy

News API has revolutionized the way we consume news because integrating News API with app development has led to the creation of 60-second short news by which people can easily understand the ongoing event rather than sit in front of news for several hours and trying to figure out what is happening.

These APIs defend against misinformation by allowing the cross-verification of news from many sources. Furthermore, their involvement in increasing consumer news literacy is a key step forward in the worldwide fight against fake news.

Extensive Features of News API

Other than providing a solution for spreading fake news, News API also has several other benefits on how we consume the news such as:


News API provides the option for users to customize or filter out the data and can only keep track of the information they want and news sources from which they want to. Suppose if I don’t want to follow a particular news source or a particular genre of news let’s say debate then I can easily unsubscribe such news content on my feed thanks to API’s ability to fetch enormous data. Through this users will be more likely to be engaged with their specific preference of news and ultimately people will stay informed.

Real-time News

News API fetches real-time news so if any piece of news is being circulated people might suspect it to be fake or misleading they can easily cross-check via News API and confirm its authenticity.

So we have briefly understood and discussed the potential News API has to tackle the spread of fake news Let’s talk about the best News API in the market.

Best News API is featured stacked and the best News API provider in the market right now. It’s the perfect alternative to Google News API and more feature-stacked API and one of the best parts of this API is that even the non-technical users can operate and fetch news which makes it zero coding API. offers the news coverage of 30000+ news sources including the most reliable ones such as BBC News, the New York Times, etc, and covers over 77 languages in 150+ countries with over 5 years of historical data.

The also filters out the data with 12 different categories and adds a time frame feature by which users can personalize or narrow down the data. Users can also use the crypto news endpoint to fetch crypto-related news which no other News API offers. Not only that users can also keep track of upcoming news by setting the reminder so you won’t miss any updates. 


In an age where misinformation spreads like wildfire, news APIs play a critical role in combating such issues. These APIs guarantee that consumers have access to accurate and trustworthy information by providing real-time updates, collecting trusted sources, and fetching personalized news to consumers. 

Furthermore, news API personalization options might encourage responsible news consumption, eventually boosting critical thinking and media literacy. News APIs will continue to be a vital tool in the battle against misinformation and the spread of misinterpretation.

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