3 min readReduce Workplace Risk Through Online Safety Training Courses

Ensuring safety in your workplace is one of the most crucial compliance’s that all employers must meet. It not only reduces the chances of on-the-job injuries but also saves you from unforeseen bills for the medical expenses of the injured employees. Effective Online Safety Training can give your employees the required insights into the potential risks in the workplace and teach them how to reduce or avoid them.

But before we delve into how Online Safety Courses can reduce workplace risk, let’s see how workplace injuries have impacted organisations and why these risks exist in the first place.

How Do Workplace Injuries Impact Organisations?

Workplace accidents and injuries impact an organisation in several ways such as:

  • Financial Compensation: Employees who sustain work-related injuries or illness are entitled to compensation during recovery. Although the claim process is simple, precise requirements must be met to determine if a given accident or illness qualifies for compensation, and the process is time-consuming.
  • Lasting Physical Impact on the Employee: Chronic discomfort and permanent injury can leave a lasting impact on the employee. These injuries cause a wide range of partial or whole absences, lasting anywhere from a few days to years. The corresponding wage for these losses raises operating overhead substantially.
  • Mental Impact on the Employees: Workplace injuries can negatively impact the employee’s mental well-being. The injured employee may experience stress, anxiety, or even depression in case of fatal injuries. This impacts and changes the perception of the workplace, not only for the concerned employee but others in the organisation.
  • Damage to Reputation: Workplace injuries often place organisations under scrutiny. Furthermore, employees may legally file a lawsuit against the organisation, attracting investigations, prosecution fines, and loss of contracts. Such organisations are often regarded as “UNSAFE,” giving the impression that the organisation does not care about the safety, health and well being of its employees. As a direct impact, organisations may experience a high employee turnover, a lack of top talents, as well as damaging the company’s reputation.

How Can Safety Training Courses Reduce Workplace Risk?

Online safety training is perhaps the easiest way to reduce workplace risks. Here are some ways you can reduce workplace risks via online safety courses:

  • Keeping It Real:An online course that simply outlines the protocols and safety measures will not be beneficial. As an employer, you must ensure that the online safety courses you choose for your employees’ blends theory and application, teaching them how to apply safety measure solutions when the need arises. For this, you will first have to assess the problems and then choose a course. You can choose the course that demonstrates real-life examples or engages your employees in practical exercises.
  • Creating a Repository for Quick Revisions: On-boarding online training and annual re-certification shouldn’t be the exclusive uses for safety online training. It should be a continuous procedure that offers support, as needed in order to reaffirm the essential themes. For instance, a repository that categories online training resources by department allows staff members to brush up on their knowledge.
  • Coupling Courses with Safety Audits: Your company’s safety goals must be aligned with all the measures you take to achieve them, including safety training courses and safety audits. Once you analyses the reports from the safety audit, you can find relevant off the shelf or can request tailor-made courses. These courses will help your employees understand the existing gap in the practices, the reason behind them, and the possible ways to handle, improve and eliminate the safety risk.

Safety Training Online Courses are flexible, convenient, and time-saving. They allow employees to learn at their own pace. The British Safety Council India offers several well-structured, globally recognized safety, health and well being qualifications, which are easy-to-follow, taught online live, in a classroom environment, with the options of face-to-face training.

Having been in operation for more than 60 years, you can be assured that their courses are designed with insights from industry experts and impart knowledge about the latest practices. Undoubtedly, they are the best safety partner you can have!

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