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If you are looking for some free plant care apps to help your plants grow and thrive you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we’ll explore some of the best free plant care apps that you can use to grow lush and healthy plants easily. 

These plant care apps can help you whether you are a beginner or a plant expert. With these free plant care apps you get tons of features that can benefit you in learning more about plant care. In this article, we’ve carefully and extensively rated each app to help you select the best free plant care app for you.

The 5 free plant care apps that we have finalized in this blog are:

  • Plantora
  • Planta
  • Vera 
  • PlantNet 
  • Florish

What Is A Plant Care App?

A plant care app is basically a mobile application designed to guide every plant lover in plant parenthood. There is a variety of plant care apps available across multiple platforms. These apps can assist you with every plant need such as watering, sunlight, temperature, humidity, and much more. 

Furthermore, many apps help you connect with the plant community where you can share and take ideas from other plant lovers worldwide. In this way, a free plant care app can be considered very useful for any plant parent.

Free Plant Care Apps

1. Plantora 

plantora logo

Plantora – Plant care and identification is the first app on this list and it is a completely free plant care app that offers a ton of features to its users. Plantora uses the best available technology to carefully combine AI with nature and solve all plant-related problems. This free plant care app has a vast database of many plant species and can easily identify plants with 98% accuracy. 

Plantora lets users add their plants and monitor their progress by creating personalized care routines. The app also provides various plant care tips and calculators to help users know the ideal conditions in which their plants can thrive.

This free plant care app also helps users check any symptoms of the disease on their plants and provides a reliable solution for any problem. Moreover, through Plantora, you can also get in touch with a plant expert to get further consultation on your problem.

Available On:

Completely Free to useSome features are still under development
Clean user interface and functionality
Comprehensive Plant Database
Unlimited Plant identifications
Reliable and extensive plant care tips
Regular updates 

2. Planta

planta logo

Second on the list is Planta, a great plant care app that streamlines plant care for plant lovers at every level. Users can add their plants and get customizable plant care schedules covering various plant needs such as watering, light, repotting, and much more.

This free plant care app also provides users with the progress of each plant by creating individual plant profiles with notes. Users also get scheduled reminders for timely plant maintenance. Moreover, through Planta users can get connected with a plant community and active customer support.

Therefore, Planta can be considered an all-in-one digital plant care companion. 

Available On:

Comprehensive and useful plant care tipsMany features are a part of the paid subscription
Attractive UIIncomplete plant database
Detailed plant description and profile
Plant community

3. Vera 

vera logo

Next up is Vera, another completely free plant care app. With Vera, users can create schedules and plant profiles adding the photos and names for each plant in their collection. The app reminds users of certain plant care needs such as watering and fertilizing. 

This free plant care app also creates automated reminders by recording tasks like watering, repotting, and fertilizing. The plant care tips provided by the app are also very informative and helpful. Overall Vera is a great app that features a simple UI offering a clean and seamless plant care guide to users.

Available On:

Useful Plant Care TipsDoesn’t offer as many features as other apps.
Effective Reminders for Plant Care
Simple UI
Completely free to use

4. PlantNet

plantnet app logo icon

The main aim of PlantNet is plant identification, whether it is a flowering plant, fruiting plant, or a shrub, the plant identification of PlantNet stands out among other free plant care apps. The users can just snap a photo of the plant they want to identify and the app will provide possible results with the accuracy percentage.

The details include name, genus name, and plant family name. Additionally, the app also provides a link to the Wikipedia page of the identified plant. PlantNet also helps in identifying plant diseases. 

Available On:

Database of over 40,000 plant species.Only limited to plant identification and lacks plant care tips.
Accurate identificationsRely too much on the information provided by Wikipedia.
Simple UI
Free to use

5. Blossom

blossom app logo icon

Ending with Blossom, another free plant care app that provides a plant journal other than plant care tips, personalized tips, and a vast plant library. This digital journal enables users to keep track of various plant tasks and the health of their plants.

This app also features plant identification and expert plant care advice. The premium version of this app also offers additional features such as unlimited plant care reminders and priority-based customer support.

Available On:

Extensive Plant LibraryFewer features in the free version.
Personalized plant care remindersPrivacy sharing concerns from some users.
Plant identification
Expert plant care advice

Why Choose A Free Plant Care App?

A free plant care app can cater to the needs of every plant lover whether a beginner or an expert. A plant care app provides solutions to almost every plant problem in one place and therefore saves your time and effort on research. Furthermore, there are also many more benefits of free plant care apps such as.

  • Monitoring Plant Health: Users can keep track of the health of their plants and get reminded when they need to perform certain tasks.
  • Easily Identify Plants:  Many apps also have a feature to identify any plant by snapping its pictures. This app is useful for new plant parents who are curious about various plants and want to add new plants to their collection.
  • Get Expert Plant Care Tips: A free plant care app is designed to provide the most reliable and useful plant care information that solves the problem the user is facing. Therefore, you can always trust the expert plant care advice provided by any plant care app.

Tons Of Other Features:  Apart from plant care advice these apps also offer many other features such as plant identification, plant disease identification, plant care reminders, and plant community.


What is the best free plant care app?

Plantora, Planta, Vera, PlantNet, and Blossom are the best free plant care apps.

Is there a completely free-to-use plant care app?

Yes, Plantora and Vera are two free plant care apps that provide great plant care advice to users. 

Is Planta a free plant care app?

Yes, you can download the Planta app for free from the App Store and Play Store. However, there is a premium version of the app which offers additional features to the users.

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