5 min readCAT Sample Papers: A Guide to Doing Well on the CAT Test

The Common Admission Test (CAT) is the only way to get into India’s top management schools, like the famous Indian Institutes of Management (IIM). In order to get into these prestigious B-schools, applicants must pass the CAT, which is a difficult and tough test. The CAT sample questions are one of the best ways to prepare for the CAT as a whole.

These practise tests show how the real CAT exam is set up, give useful information about how questions are asked, and give candidates the confidence and skills they need to do well on the test. In this piece, we explain the importance of CAT sample papers, look at how they help you prepare for the test, and give you important tips on how to use them well to do well on the CAT.

How Important Are CAT Sample Papers?

CAT example papers are like a litmus test for people who want to take the test. They have many benefits that help them prepare:

  • Understand the Exam Structure: Sample papers follow the same structure as the real CAT, so candidates can get used to the number of parts, types of questions, and scoring system.
  • Insights into Question Formats: By doing practise papers, candidates can learn a lot about the different ways questions are set up on the CAT. This helps them get good at figuring out how to answer different kinds of questions quickly.
  • Practice with time management: Sample questions let candidates practise time management, which is an important part of getting ready for the CAT. By keeping track of time during practise, candidates can improve their ability to finish the test in the time allowed.
  • Real-time simulation: Taking CAT practise tests is like taking the real test, so students can feel the pressure and time limits of the real test. This makes students feel less nervous about tests and more sure of themselves.

How to Find CAT Practise Tests?

CAT sample papers are easy to find from a variety of places, so candidates have plenty of chances to practise:

  • Official CAT Website: Past question papers and practise papers can be found for free on the official CAT website, These papers are real and follow the same style as the CAT exam.
  • Books to prepare for the CAT: CAT prep books by well-known authors like Arun Sharma and Nishit K. Sinha have practise questions and questions from the previous year. You can easily find these books in stores or on the Internet.
  • Coaching schools: Reputable coaching schools also offer CAT sample papers as part of their programmes to help students get ready for the test. These papers were made by expert teachers to closely match the format of the real CAT exam.
  • Online Mock Test Platforms: TestFunda, Oliveboard, and Career Launcher are just a few of the online platforms that offer a wide range of CAT sample questions and full-length mock tests. These platforms let you practise taking a test and give you a detailed report on how you did.

Using CAT Sample Papers to Your Advantage

To get the most out of CAT sample questions and prepare best, candidates should take the following steps:

  • Gradual Progression: Start with simple sample papers and move on to more difficult ones as you go. This progression makes it easy to move from basic ideas to more complex ways of handling problems.
  • Practise on a Timetable: Set specific times for working on practise papers to make them more like the real test. Pay attention to sticking to time limits and getting faster and better.
  • Analyse and review: After each practise test, look at the answers carefully to see where you did well and where you could improve. Give yourself time to understand the problems and learn from your mistakes.
  • Pay Attention to Weak Areas: Use sample papers to find your weak areas and work on them. Get help from mentors or study tools to improve your understanding of concepts.

How CAT Sample Papers Help You Test Yourself

  • Sample questions for the CAT are a great way to test yourself and improve:Keep track of progress: Candidates can keep track of their progress over time by doing sample papers regularly. When you compare your scores and results on different papers, you can see where you need to improve.
  • Find Patterns: When you look at how well you did on different sample papers, you can find patterns of mistakes or weak areas. By finding these trends, improvement efforts can be more focused.
  • Find Out if You’re Ready for the test: Regular practise with sample papers helps candidates find out if they’re ready for the test. Getting good scores on sample tests shows that you are ready for the real CAT.
  • Boost Confidence: Doing well on sample questions gives candidates confidence and encourages them to keep a positive attitude as they study for the CAT.

Adding Mock Tests to CAT Sample Papers

Sample CAT questions are an important part of the preparation process, but candidates should also take full-length mock tests:

  • Comprehensive Evaluation: Mock tests give a full picture of how well you did overall and mimic the CAT experience.
  • Familiarity with Test Day: Taking practise tests under test-like conditions helps candidates get used to the real CAT setting, which lowers test-day anxiety.
  • Testing time management: Mock tests let candidates fine-tune their time management skills, giving each part the best amount of time.
  • Final Revisions: Mock tests are the last practise for the CAT. They help candidates review what they’ve learned and gain the confidence they need to do well.


CAT practise papers are a must-have for anyone who wants to do well on the CAT. They play a big part in shaping a candidate’s study plan by giving useful information about the exam’s structure, question formats, and time management.
By doing sample papers regularly, candidates can figure out what their skills and weaknesses are, where they need to improve, and how ready they are for the exam as a whole.

Using CAT sample questions and full-length mock tests together is a complete way to prepare for the test, making sure that candidates are well-equipped to pass the CAT and get into their dream management school.

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